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This medical preparation mainly competes with aldosterone in tying up places on the cytoplasmic mineralocorticoid receptors. The medication mostly decreases titrated acidity of urine. Also it has a mild diuretic effect and prolonged weak antihypertensive effect. The diuretic activity appears to two-five days after receiving multiple dosages and lasts for two-three days after discontinuation of the drug. Many people, buying Aldactone without a prescription, know that the medicines are very effective ones as a diuretic during edema, liver cirrhosis, congestive heart failure, nephrotic syndrome and with hypokalemia caused by other diuretics. The antihypertensive activity is generally conditioned by increasing of sodium ion excretion and decreasing of the blood volume and extracellular liquid. The medical preparation is very effective in lowering of the patient’s highest blood pressure. The antihypertensive effect shows after two-three week of treatment.

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Main indications for Aldactone preparation without a prescription

It is very important to know that before using of these medicines you need to consult a doctor and read the full version of this medicament’s instruction. Usually generic Aldactone is recommended to applying in case of myasthenia, edema syndrome in patients with chronic heart failure, cirrhosis of the liver (especially in the simultaneous presence of hypokalemia), nephrotic syndrome, essential hypertension in adults, abdominal dropsy, diagnosis and treatment of primary Conn's syndrome, prevention of hypokalemia, in the medical cure by diuretic medications and in patients receiving cardiac glycosides.

Dosage and ways of Aldactone applying without prescription

If you buy Aldactone online, you should know that the dosage is mostly fixed individually in depending on disorders of the water-electrolytic metabolism and harmonic status. Usually recommended daily dosing is 100-200 mg (infrequently 300mg) divided into two-three times (in combination with other diuretic medicants) during two-three weeks. The dosage correction is taken with diagnostic value of the potassium concentration in plasma. If necessary, the treatment is repeated every 10-14 days. In case of reduced potassium content in the plasma the daily dose may be increased to 300 mg in two-three times. During the curing it is necessary to eliminate or restrict the food rich in potassium (potato, apricots, raisins, tomato juice, etc.). It should be carried out periodically determine the content of electrolytes and urea in the blood during the treatment. The complex therapy with others medical preparations must be done under medical supervision for avoiding of serious possible consequences.

If you are assigned Aldactone tablets no rx it is better to know about adverse effects

There were found during clinical researches in some patients such collateral effects as lethargy, headache, ataxia, dizziness, sleepiness, sluggishness, intestinal colic, diarrhea, retching, nausea, gastritis, bleeding and ulceration in gastrointestinal tract, abnormal liver function, lowering of sexual potency, breast pain, menstrual cycle disorder and amenorrhea, hirsutism, metrorrhagia in climacteric period, voice change in women, hives, itch, alopecia, hypertrichosis, benign neoplasm of breast, leukocytopenia, hyperpotassemia, osteomalacia, spasms of the sural muscles. If you have one of the above listed symptoms then stop take the medical preparation and consult a physician.

What do you learn about contraindications of Aldactone buying in online pharmacy?

If you Aldactone buy, you should remember that these medicines are chiefly contraindicated in bronzed sickness, hypersensitivity to Spironolactone, diabetes, hyponatremia, hyperpotassemia, chronic renal and liver failure, anuria, the first term of pregnancy, metabolic acidosis, hypercalcinemia, menstrual disorder or beast increasing.

Storage conditions for Aldactone online using no prescrip

The medical preparation should be stored in original container at temperatures above 25° C not more than three years. Keep out of reach of children. Don’t apply after finishing the expiration date printed on the package.

Possible substitutes of Aldactone ordering by online pharmacy and overnight shipping

For various reasons, the drug may not be appropriate for some patients so our internet portal can help you to order its analogues as Spirotone, Osyrol, Verospiron, Spirolon or find other medicines from the same group of the medicaments’ classification.

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