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Elimite belongs to insecticides for local use. The active ingredient is permethrin - a mixture of trans- and cis- isomers of synthetic pyrethroids. Medication is active against a number of insects, including itch mite. Elimite cream causes death and impaired development, both larvae and adult individuals. The mechanism of action of the medicine is based on the ability of preparation to break the current of ions through sodium channels, resulting in the disruption of the processes of polarization of the membrane of the nerve cells of insects and insect paralysis. It has almost no toxic effects on human cells and warm-blooded animals. Elimite cost is shown in on-line pharmacy. Systemic absorption of cream when applied topically is less than 2%. Got into the systemic circulation, it is metabolized to form a pharmacologically inactive metabolites. Remedy metabolites derived mainly kidneys.

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Elimite Cream dosage

  • Elimite Cream 30mg

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Main indications for Elimite preparation without a prescription

Elimite online is intended for local treatment of individuals suffering from scabies, including complicated by secondary flora. Ointment can be effective for parasites (including lice). In case of detection of lice or scabies should check all family members and sexual partners, if necessary, need to treat them as well.

Dosage and ways of Elimite applying without prescription

Elimite without prescription is intended for external use. The drug is recommended to apply a thin layer, gently rubbing. The ointment is desirable to use only to the areas of the skin affected by scabies. 24 hours after application you should wash skin with soap and water and change clothes. It is desirable to avoid contact ointment formulation in the eye (if the remedy gets into your eyes, you should rinse it with plenty of clean running water). Avoid exposure mucosal (including mucous membranes of the nose, mouth and genitals). After application of the ointment should be thoroughly wash your hands. Application of ointment is allowed only in well ventilated areas or outdoors. People can purchase by best Elimite cream cost filling drugstore’s form. The medicament is usually administered once. In the case of the emergence of new hotbeds of scabies should reapply ointment after 2 weeks after the first application. Babies are recommended to wash off after 12 hours after application. In the case of repeated use of the expressed itch ointment may be 1-2 days after the first applying. The maximum recommended duration of treatment includes 5 applications ointment formulation. If a full course of treatment ointment does not give the expected therapeutic effect there should be a re-examination. After each use of the drug should be cleaned linens and clothes, using high temperature (steam or hot water).

If you are assigned Elimite tablets no rx it is better to know about adverse effects

Ointment is usually good tolerated. It has been reported about some cases of local allergic reactions, as well as a burning sensation, numbness and itching at the site of application, swelling. In rare cases, using the preparation patients there may develop erythema. With the development of side effects Elimite should be discontinued.

What do you learn about contraindications of Elimite buying in online pharmacy?

Elimite should not be applied:

if the patient is allergic to this active substance, other synthetic pyrethroids, plants containing pyrethrins;

  • for the treatment of scabies in lactating women;
  • under the age of one year (emulsion);
  • children under the age of 6 months (cream).

With caution is advised to observe during the time of treatment:

  • pregnant women;
  • children up to 5 years;
  • with related skin diseases.

Storage conditions for Elimite online using no prescrip

Ointment preparation should be stored up to 2 years after manufacture of a room temperature not exceeding 25 degrees C.

Possible substitutes of Elimite ordering by online pharmacy and overnight shipping

People may be assigned other different alternatives as Acticin, Permethrin, Nix, Pyrifoam, Kwellada-P.

Where to buy Elimite

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