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Motrin tablets consist of the active agent ibuprofen with dose of 200mg and some auxiliary substances such as beeswax - 0.02mg, magnesium stearate - 2mg, vanillin - 0.0015mg, colloidal silicon dioxide - 3.4 mg, potato starch - 38mg, sucrose - 144.96 mg, wheat flour - 17.37 mg, hydroxycarbonate - 39.57mg, gelatin - 0.32mg, titanium dioxide - 2.9 mg, colouring agent - 0.0085mg and low molecular  povidone - 1.5 mg. The mechanism of this officinal remedy’s activity is conditioned by inhibition of the pain mediators, hyperthermic reaction and inflammation. The medication has high absorption and it is chiefly sucked out gastrointestinal tract quickly and almost completely. The maximum drug effect is seen over one-two hours after intake. You can buy Motrin online through our pharmacy with twenty-four-hours delivery all over the United States. It is possible to use these medicines with several other preparations for complex treatment under medical supervision.

Motrin dosage

  • Motrin 200mg

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Main indications for Motrin preparation without a prescription

Usually the drug is mostly used in cases of inflammatory diseases of the joint and spinal column (including osteoarthrosis, ankylosing spondylitis, gouty arthritis and rheumatic gout), painful syndrome of the different etiology (such as toothache, headache, myalgia, migraine, neuralgia, initial algodismenorrhea, postoperational and posttraumatic pain), feverish syndrome with infectious and catarrhal illnesses and so on. The medication is applied for symptomatic therapy. People, who buy Motrin online, should know, that reduction of the pain and inflammation doesn’t influence on the main disease progress.

Dosage and ways of Motrin applying without prescription

You need to remember that usage this medicant is possibly only after a doctor’s consultation and reading the full version of these medicines’ instruction. Usually Motrin without prescription is recommended for adults and children older twelve years old in dosages of 200mg three-four times a day. The dose can be maximally increased to 400mg three times a day for achievement of the fast therapeutic effect. The daily norm is mainly reduced to 600-800mg after improvement of the patient condition. The tablets are taken before eating in the morning and others doses is taken after a meal drinking with a lot of liquid for faster preparation intaking. The maximum daily dosage is 1200mg (don’t apply more than six pills a day). The length of using of these meds, without consulting a doctor, is no more than five days. Only a physician can prescribe the medication for children from six to twelve year old and only in case if the body mass of the child is more than 20 kg. Usually such dose is one pill no more than four times a day with interval six hours between tablets taking.

If you are assigned Motrin tablets no rx it is better to know about adverse effects

During clinical researches in some patients there were such side effects as nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, heartburn, flatulence, diarrhea, constipation, dryness of the mouth, pancreatitis, hepatitis, aphthous stomatitis, bronchospasm, dyspnea, ringing or noise in the ears, hearing loss, ambiguous or double vision, scotoma, toxic damage of the optic nerve, edema of the conjunctiva and eyelids, dryness and irritation of the eyes, insomnia, headache, nervousness and irritability, anxiety, dizziness, drowsiness, depression, agitation, hallucinations, increased blood pressure, heart failure, tachycardia, polyuria, allergic nephritis, cystitis, acute renal failure, nephrotic syndrome, fever, anaphylactic shock, skin rash, exudative  erythema, itching, angioedema, toxic epidermal necrolysis, anaphylactoid reactions, allergic rhinitis, leucopenia, purpura, anemia, agranulocytosis, thrombocytopenia and thrombocytopenic. If you have one of the above symptoms stop taking the drug and get consultation a doctor.

What do you learn about contraindications of Motrin buying in online pharmacy?

The medical preparation is chiefly contraindicated in cases of

  • Sicknesses of the kidneys, bowels, gastrointestinal tract;
  • Hypersensibility to any components of the drug or acetylsalicinic acids;
  • Hemophilia and others blood coagulability disorders, hemorrhagic diathesis;
  • Acute liver impairment;
  • Pregnancy and lactation;
  • Children's age up to six years old;
  • Several others.

Storage conditions for Motrin online using no prescrip

The medication should be stored in a dry place at a temperature no higher than 25° C. Keep out of the reach of children. Shelf life of these medicines is three years. Do not use beyond the expiration date printed on the package.

Possible substitutes of Motrin ordering by online pharmacy and overnight shipping

Today you can buy online not only Motrin pills but also its analogues such as Manorfen, Nurofen, Brufen, Anadin and many others.

Where to buy Motrin

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