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Allergy is chiefly a condition of the organism’s heightened vulnerability to various substances mostly possessed by the antigenicity. The allergic reactions can be generally developed very quickly (during several minutes) and prolonged for some hours – the reactions of on-the-fly type (anaphylactic shock, serum sickness, angioedema, grass pollen allergy, nettle rush and so on). But there are different reactions which can mainly grow up by hours and days and prolong for several weeks (decelerated type) such as autoimmune reactions, dermatitis, different reactions of transplanting tissues’ divestiture and others). In these cases the patient needs to take allergy medicine immediately. The allergic sicknesses are broadly-spread ones and occupy about 40% of the world population. The reason of allergic reactions’ developing is the presence of allergens (antigens) mostly called the states of heightened sensitiveness of the patient’s organism. They are the products of domestic chemistry, grass pollen, some components of food, infested agents, officinal remedies and so on. Under the defined conditions they generally call the formation of antibodies in the man’s organism (sensitization of organism) and under the repeated contact they mainly call the interaction of antigen-antibody that mainly provokes the allergic reaction. The physicians recommend using the otc allergy meds for everyone who has this illness.

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Advair interacts with glucocorticoid receptor. Drug is used under therapy and prophylaxis of allergic rhinitis which can be different (including hay fever); regular treating of asthma; maintenance therapy for COPD in adults, including emphysema and also chronic obstructive bronchitis.
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Allegra relates to blockers group of histamine. A preparation with antihistaminic action is effective for 24 hours, no sedative effect.
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Astelin is an antihistamine, characterized by high efficiency. The means of local action are applied with the development of allergic rhinitis or conjunctivitis in addition to the use of remedies with systemic effects on the body.
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Clarinex is anti-allergy long-acting medication. People use it under the relief of symptoms of allergic rhinitis such as nasal discharge, itching, sneezing, edema and nasal congestion, as well as itching and redness, watery eyes, itching of the palate and coughing; urticaria.
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Deltasone belongs to GCS pharmaceutical group. Medication is a synthetic analogue of the hormones secreted by the adrenal cortex, used under acute rheumatic fever, rheumatoid arthritis, systemic vasculitis, systemic scleroderma, ankylosing spondylitis, chorea; hepatitis, bronchial asthma; pruritus, psoriasis, exfoliative dermatitis,  pruritus, eczema.
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Flonase Spray
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Flonase is aerosol for inhalation dose. This medicament is designed for the treatment of allergic rhinitis in adults and children. It treats the symptoms of nasal congestion, irritated nose, sneezing, reduce inflammation, swelling, which is caused by external stimuli.
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Nasonex is nasal spray with hormonal substances at the base. The main purpose of the remedy is the struggle with respiratory manifestations of allergy, including, in serious case of its occurrence. Effective means is against acute rhinitis of various origins, exacerbations of sinusitis, with the growth of polyps and adenoids development.
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Patanol relates to ophthalmic medicaments that are assigned for the allergies treatment and prevention. It belongs to the representatives of antihistamines, i.e. blocking histamine receptors, which are responsible for allergic symptoms development.
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Zyrtec refers to reliable second-generation antihistamines. The list of useful properties of remedy includes antipruritic, anti histamines and anti exudative action. Very often the drug is prescribed to deal with skin manifestations of allergy.
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The reason of the illness allergy can be more frequently the irregular nourishment or unhealthy style of life, for example, the excessive usage of purified products or some other produces with different chemical preparations or supplements. The allergy’s reason can be also a simple emotional or psychological stress. In these cases the patient must apply various allergy pills to help in facilitation of the allergic symptoms. This sickness can be also recognized by the appeared nasal catarrh, sneezing or eyewater. Redness and itching of the patient’s skin can say about the allergy manifestations. Most of all the allergic reaction is generally appeared under the man’s contact with defined substances (allergens) such as dust (street, book or domestic), allogenic proteins (contained in the vaccines or donor plasma), pollen of different plants (especially flowers), various officinal remedies (such as penicillins or tricyclic antidepressants), spores of fungi or mold, eating products (usually milk, eggs, wheat, seafoods, soya, nuts, honey, fruits, strawberries, chocolate and many others), animals’ hair, some bites of insects or jointed-legged animals, latex, discharge of domestic mite, chemical cleaning fluid and several others. The reaction of some people on allergens’ various types is chiefly depended from the genetic properties of immune system. And you can also employ the medicine for allergy symptoms bringing down.

Anti-allergic preparations classification

The rational therapy of different allergic processes mainly includes several stages such as contact stopping with allergens, braking if the biologically active substances’ formation, suppressing of their interaction with receptors, activation of the disintegration and concatenation of the histamine, braking if the complexes antigen-antibody and antibodies’ formation, stimulating if the antibodies inventories’ exhaustion and specific desensitization. The best allergy medication is divided into medical remedies prevented the emancipation of histamine and other mediators of allergy, anti-histaminic preparations, glucocorticosteroids, adrenocorticotropic hormone, different symptomatic medicaments, adrenoceptor agonists or adrenomimetics, inotropic bronchial spasmolytics and so on. Under this sickness of delayed type it is generally applied the allergy medication mostly oppressed the immunogenesis and inflammation such as various glucocorticosteroids, cytostatics and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicants.

Allergy drugs application

The best allergy medicine is generally applied against different types of this sickness including

  • respiratory allergy (itching in the nose, sneezing, nasal catarrh or water discharge from the nose, string cough, some stertors in lungs and sometimes asphyxia);
  • rhinitis (especially allergic one);
  • bronchial asthma;
  • allergic conjunctivitis (the powerful burning in eyes, heightened eyewater, cutaneous swelling around eyes);
  • dermatosis (skin redness, peeling, itching, dryness, precipitation, blisters and powerful edema);
  • eczema;
  • nettle rush;
  • angioneurotic edema;
  • skin eruption;
  • mycosis;
  • pollen disease;
  • enteropathy (nausea, diarrhea or defecatory disability, vomiting, lips edema, giant urticaria, tongue edema, intestinal colics and so on);
  • serum sickness;
  • giant urticaria;
  • anaphylactic shock (sharp breathlessness, convulsions, loss of consciousness, appearance of eruption by the whole body, involuntary urination, defecation, retching, and intestinal discharge);
  • different others.

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