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Depression is the mainly suppressed or dispirited conditions of the man or the most powerful upsets of the person’s central nervous system. More often this illness id chiefly developed on the background of the powerful stress or prolonged traumatic situation. Sometimes the depressive disorders are concealed under the mask of bad mood, some properties of the person’s character and so on. If you don tot want to admit the heaviest consequence it is mostly important to examine how and why the depression appears. The main symptoms of depressions include oppressed mood (sometimes irritability) during a long time (from two weeks and more), loss of interest or pleasure from the earlier pleasant activities, expressed fatigability, “loss of strength”, powerful headaches and so on. The additional symptoms of this illness are pessimism; feeling of guilt, uselessness, anxiety, inefficacy, uneasiness or fear; understated self-certification; some worsening if the capability to concentrate and make some decisions; forgetfulness and not built-up condition; different ideas about death or self-murder; unstable appetite, bringing down or increasing in the patient’s weight of body; destroyed slumber, insomnia presence, and many others. Anti depression drugs can help for every patient to avoid for this sickness and some other nervous upsets.  

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Celexa generic is an antidepressant. Mechanism of its action is connected with blockade of the reverse neuronal uptake of serotonin in the synapses of neurons in the central nervous system with minimal effect of inverse uptake dopamine and noradrenalin.
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Effexor XR relates to antidepressants, a mixture of two stereoisomers representing specular reflection. The chemical composition cannot be attributed to any of the classes of antidepressants. Remedy is purchased to eliminate the symptoms of major depression and generalized anxiety disorder.
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Elavil generic is the tricyclic antidepressant among the group of the non-selective inhibitors of the neuronal monoamines’ capture. The preparation possesses by strong sedative and also analeptic effect. Elavil without prescription is a legal in the USA and many others countries.
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Lexapro refers to antidepressants class, SSRIs. People are always prescribed remedy under treatment of depressive episodes (severity of any), panic disorders (including agoraphobia).
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Paxil is antidepressant from the group of selective inhibitors serotonin reuptake. The medicament is assigned to cure all depression types.
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Prozac belongs to antidepressants - selective inhibitors of neuronal uptake. Medicament is taken under depressive states of various origins.
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Remeron medication (or Mirtazapine) belongs to the antidepressant with tetracyclic formation. In the clinical setting are also shown an anxiolytic and sedative effect also, therefore mirtazapine is most effective in anxieties or depressions of different genesis. Due to mild sedative effect, Remeron generic doesn’t provoke suicidal thoughts in the treatment processing.
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Wellbutrin SR relates to preparations with antidepressant action and is used to cure depression, for improvement in mood and feelings of well-being. The principle of operation is to restore the balance of natural chemicals in brain.
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Zoloft is strongest antidepressant, a specific potent inhibitor of serotonin reuptake in neurons. Furthermore, medication is not conducive to the appearance of medicine dependence, weight gain and other undesirable phenomena.
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The choosing of the treatment’s method is mainly depended from the type of depression, its origin (endogenous or psychogenic generally conditioned by the stress), the symptoms’ evidence, preceding experiment of the medical cure by other anti depression medication, some portability of the nonoperating effects by the patient, some special features of patient and his health (for example, the presence of different other powerful diseases of the cardiovascular or nervous system) and so on. Under the endogenous depression the main element of the treatment is antidepressants’ applying which are chiefly formed individually with also individual dosing. Under the reactive depression the obligatory component of the medical cure is psychotherapy. The diagnostic is conducted by the physician-psychotherapist. He can exactly define about the type of depression and prescribe the necessary pills for depression elimination.

Anti-depressed preparations classification

In the biggest cases in the psychiatry the physicians recommend to apply different medicaments - antidepressants for the depression’s symptoms cutting off. In spite of the names’ abundance there are only three main views of the anti-depressive medications such MAO inhibitors, tricyclic antidepressants and anti-depressing preparations of the second generation. The monoamine oxidases (or inhibitors of MAO) mostly eliminate or blockade the ferment of the monoamine oxidases in the patient’s brain. Tricyclic antidepressants generally “absorb” some parts of the distinguished serotonin and noradrenalin reversibly theirselves. These medicamental agents (of this type) chiefly suspend the mechanism of reversible “absorption” and the concentration of the substances mostly augments. The antidepressants of the second generation mainly stop the reversible capture only of one substance – serotonin or noradrenalin. The invention of the anti-depressed medicamental remedies mostly facilitates the intolerable suffering for millions of people. Nowadays the medicants for treatment of depression online are accessible for everyone without any prescriptions and other problems.

Antidepressants application

Anti depression medicine has many indications for its applying such as

  • social phobia (or social troubled disarray);
  • obsessive-compulsive discomposures;
  • various psychical upsets;
  • all forms of the sickness of depression including depressive damages, depressed disorders, depressing episodes (including single-one) and others;
  • vascular dementia with depressive symptoms;
  • mixed anxiety – depressed discomposure;
  • psychosomatic illness with autonomic dysfunction;
  • different depressing derangement be the female individuals such as depression during pregnancy, postpartum slump and others;
  • premenstrual dysphoria;
  • panic upsets;
  • different disorders and disturbances of the nervous system mostly called by the posttraumatic stress;
  • generalized anxious discomposures;
  • agoraphobia;
  • anorexia;
  • bulimia;
  • premenstrual dysphoretic impairment;
  • obsessive-compulsive neurosis;
  • alcoholism (including the heaviest form);
  • many others.

These medicines are also prescribed for preventive measures of the depressions’ episodes relapses. They can be also applied as additional medicament in the treatment of ADHD sickness by adult patients.

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