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Parasitic (or parasitogenic) sicknesses are the whole group of contagious diseases mostly called by the protozoa (such as leishmania, ameba, lamblia, Trypanosoma, plasmodium, balantida, pneumocyst, toxoplasma and many others), parasitical worms (or helminthes), jointed-legged animals (including insects and mites), pathogenic microorganisms (including bacteria, spirochetes, Rickettsia parasitized by lice, fleas, ticks, pathogenous fungi, viruses, etc.) and others. Nowadays there is an anti parasitic medication mostly helped in fight with different parasitogenic illnesses of the man. The infection by helminthes is happened through soiled ground, water, food, domestic (and agricultural) animals, birds, insects and so on. You need to wash your hands, take care about your skin and right eating with fresh products. Also the contamination by helminthes can be possible under the accidental engulfment of water under the swimming in the basins. So under the first reasons of parasitical sicknesses’ appearance you need to visit a medical specialist immediately.  

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Albenza relates to anthelmintic agent’s range having activity also against pathogenic protozoa. It acts on the intestinal and tissue forms of the parasite, active against eggs, larvae and adult worms. Anthelmintic effect is due to inhibition of tubulin polymerization, which leads to disruption of metabolism and destruction of helminths.
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Crotamiton Cream (Crotorax) refers to a group of insecticides. The drug is designed to relieve itching and scabies. Remedy facilitates itching within 6-10 hours after each applying.
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Elimite relates to anti lice, acaricidal preparations. Remedy is effectively in patients with respect to lice, fleas, mites, scabies mites, other arthropods. The drug disrupts ion permeability of sodium channel, slows nerve cell membrane repolarization of parasites, which leads to their paralysis and death.
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Vermox is an anthelmintic remedy with a broad spectrum of action. The principle of action is violation of glucose metabolism, resulting in stops of glycogen synthesis in tissues worms.
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The helminthic invasions (or usually helminthisms) are mostly the sicknesses which can generally call by the person different parasitical worms lived inward of the man. In present time there are about three hundred helminthic illnesses of the individual. They are usually divided into intestinal and extraintestinal diseases. In the first cases the helminthes always live in the patient’s bowels. In the second case they often liver outside the intestine such as in the liver, lungs, muscles, brain and many other places of the person’s organism. The most prevailing helminthic illnesses are the intestinal ones such as enterobiasis and ascaridiasis. The first sickness is generally called by the smallest parasitical worms - human pinworms or seatworms. Their length isn’t higher than one centimeter. The color of the seatworms can modify from white and yellowish till practically black. These human pinworms are generally customary the night mode of existence; during the hours of darkness the females creep out the straight intestine and then on the skin around the anus. They oviposit in skin folds and then they die. The disease of ascariasis is chiefly called by larger worms - large roundworms. Their length can be generally more than 20 centimeters. These worms parasitize advantageously in small intestine that’s why their discovering in feces is enough difficulty.

Anti-parasitic preparations classification

The antiparasitic drugs list includes many types of medicamental preparations for parasitogenic sickness’s treatment. Under the medical cure of parasitical illnesses the physicians recommend using of such medicamental preparations are anthelmintic drugs, different antibiotic or anti-bacterial medicants (if the sickness has an infectious base), some anti-viral remedies, anti-fungous medications, antimicrobial and anti-parasitical medicinal agents and so on. Some of these drugs possess by short-term period of their activities. Others can be generally applied for a long period of time for ultimate convalescence and elimination of all parasites from the patient’s organism. The choosing of medicamental preparation and treating course’s duration is usually depended from the particular view of helminthes displayed by the patient. The treatment of parasitical illnesses is chiefly conducted at home. The criterion of the person’s recovery is repeated negative results of the feces analysis by man on the helminthes’ eggs.

Anti-parasitic drugs application

The presented antiparasitic drugs can be generally applied by different categories of patients for the medical cure of invasive sicknesses or parasitogenic (parasitic) illnesses which are generally called by different negative microorganisms, jointed-footed animals, helminthes and many others. They are chiefly presented in view of protozoa, viruses, fungi, bacteria, and other microbes. The parasitogenic disease can be presented in such types as mattress itching

  • alveococcosis;
  • enterobiasis;
  • pulmonary acapnia;
  • Larva migrans;
  • oncocerciasis;
  • ascariasis;
  • rat tick-borne dermatitis;
  • cysticercosis;
  • pulmonary distomiasis;
  • intestinal myiasis;
  • urinary myiasis;
  • myiasis;
  • strongyloidiasis;
  • echinococcosis;
  • trichinosis;
  • amebiasis;
  • echinococcosis;
  • alveococcosis;
  • clonorchiosis;
  • liver fluke contagions;
  • lumbricosis;
  • clamidiosis;
  • amebic dysentery;
  • coast erysipelas;
  • ascariasis;
  • filariasis;
  • opisthorchiasis;
  • fascioliasis;
  • cysticercosis (the sickness of eyes);
  • ancylostomiasis;
  • Hydatid illness;
  • ascaridiasis;
  • onchocercosis;
  • schistosomiasis;
  • lambliasis;
  • many other illness of the urinary ways, blood vessels, mouth and eyes, lungs and gastrointestinal system, cardiac and skin, brain and so on.  

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