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Anti viral drugs are different connections of the natural or synthetical origins mostly used for the medical cure and various preventive measures of the viral contagions. The activities of the biggest of them are selectively directed on different stages of the viral infections’ development and viruses’ vital cycle. In present time it is generally known more than five hundred viruses which are chiefly the causative agents of the person’s sicknesses. Different viruses consist of one-stranded or sometimes double-stranded ribonucleic acid or deoxyribonucleic acid mostly concluded into the albuminous cover as capsid. Most of them generally have and an outward cover from the lipoproteids. Many viruses mainly consist of various ferments or genes provided the reproduction in the host cell. As opposed to bacteria the viruses don’t have any own metabolism. They generally apply the metabolic ways of hostcell. 

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Ribavirin covers to medication group with pronounced antiviral action, broad-spectrum activity against various DNA and RNA viruses. Medicament is synthetic nucleoside analogue which is intended for application in chronic hepatitis C.
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Zovirax relates to immunostimulants. Action of remedy is directed against viruses, including such popular as herpes (simple and genital), chicken pox, Epstein-Barr virus and cytomegalovirus.
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Many people often ask what is an antiviral medication? Virus is a special form of living substance. There is mainly absent an own metabolism. It is generally meant that in relation of traditional understanding of the life outward cell of host the viral parts aren’t living matters. They can be actively developed and propagated only in the conditions of intracellular parasitizing. The viral little part mostly presents itself a genetic material (presented by the molecular of RNA or DNA) which is concluded into the protein cover. Under the penetration into the cell the genetic material is chiefly liberated from the cover and it is mainly built into the genome of hostcell. In this case it is chiefly begun the synthesis (replication) of DNA and RNA new molecules and proteins’ capsules. In the cytoplasm of cell mostly stroked by the virus it is mainly happened the integration of new little parts and their accumulation. Then they walk over outside and infect the new cell. Frequently it is accompanied by the old cell’s death. The action of all modern medicaments is chiefly concluded into some blocking of one of the viruses reproduction’s stages including blocking of the penetration stage and liberation of the viral genome from the capsule inward the hostcell; blocking if the replication of viral DNA or RNA (the biggest of medical preparations for the viruses’ elimination); some oppressing of the processing of viral parts’ integration in the cell’s cytoplasm and their withdrawal outside – the interferons and inhibitors of HIV proteases.  >

Anti-viral preparations classification

There are different classifications of the natural antiviral medication. They are generally divided into the group of anti-influenzal preparations, some drugs mostly operated on the herpes-viruses, anti-retroviral medicaments, some medications used for HIV treatment and other anti-viral meds. In dependence of sicknesses and properties various antiviral medicaments are generally employed inward, parenterally or locally (in view of ointments, creams, drops and so on). By the source of their getting and chemical structure these medicamental remedies are chiefly divided into such medical group as interferons (the substances of endogenous origin and getting by the genetic-engineering way, their derivative agents and analogs); synthetical connections (such as amantadines, arbidol, bonaphton, and many others); different matters of the vegetable provenance and some others. The biggest medical group of all antiviral medicaments is mainly formed by the derivative remedies of the nucleosides. 

Anti-viral drugs application

The antiviral medication is chiefly intended for the medical cure of various viral illnesses and also in view of different preventive measures of these diseases. They are

  • influenza;
  • herpes virus (including tonsillitis, pharyngitis and others);
  • human immunodeficiency virus (or HIV-contagions);
  • adenovirus;
  • Bittner's virus or milk factor;
  • hepatitis virus;
  • bronchiolitis with pneumonia;
  • induced leukemia virus;
  • Coxsackieviris;
  • lymphatic leukemia virus;
  • polyomavirus;
  • Rous sarcoma virus;
  • cytomegalovirus;
  • aseptic meningitis;
  • infected mononucleosis;
  • fatty degeneration of the viscera;
  • postinfectious encephalomyelitis;
  • epidemic parotiditis;
  • papillomatosis (papilloma virus);
  • viral poliomyelitis;
  • infected bronchitis (and pneumonia);
  • influenza-similar syndrome;
  • chickenpox virus;
  • rubella virus;
  • cold;
  • some malignant neoplasms (such as carcinoma of uterine cervix, planocellular cancers and many other oncological sicknesses);
  • hyperplasia of the epithelium;
  • sarcoma cutis;
  • multicentric neoplasms;
  • primary exudative lymphoma;
  • different others. 

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