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Arthritis is mostly an inflammatory sickness of the person’s articulation. Owing to the main classification there are two main groups – arthritis as self-reliant nosological forms and this one generally tied together with other sicknesses (such as different allergic illnesses, diffusive diseases of the connecting tissue, some metabolic disturbances (for example, podagra), some illnesses of lungs, blood, digestive tract, sarcoidosis, malignant tumors and other syndromic diseases). Many people can purchase anti arthritis medication in online-drugstores. The reasons of the inflammatory process’s development can be local or general contagions, allergy, autoallergy, local trauma and different others. The factors promoted the arthritis developing are undercooling, physical overloading of articulation, many sicknesses and so on. The pains under the arthritis have a spontaneous character. They are the most intensive ones in the second part of night and in the morning generally diminished after movements (so-called inflammatory type of pain). The articulation’s deformation is a consequence of soft tissues’ exchanges (exudative, proliferative and sclerous processes), semiluxations and contractures.  

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One the most broadly-spread sickness (besides arthritis) of the bones and articulations is arthrosis. It is mostly a degenerative-dystrophic illness of joint generally accompanied by some destruction of the connecting tissue of the articulate cartilage and bone’s compensatory enlargement which can chiefly bring as a result to some disturbances of the concatenation function. In dependence of this illness’s appearance there are primary arthrosis (mostly appeared without any visible reasons in the healthy articulation) and secondary one (when the degenerative-dystrophic exchanges are chiefly developed on the background of now excited illness of the joint). The reason of arthrosis’s developing is lack of correspondence between the size of load tested by the articulation and its possibilities to sustain this loading. There are many factors which are capable for development of this disease such as

  • factors ingenuously called the injury of articulate gristle (trauma);
  • prolonged and excessive mechanical load appeared, for example, under the heavy physical work, lifting of the weights and obesity;
  • frequent repeated stereotyped movements accompanied by microtraumas of the articulate gristle (“elbow of tennis player”, “knee of footballer”, “backbone of loader” and so on);
  • uneven loading on the articulate surfaces mostly appeared as a result of spinal curvature, flat-footedness and inherent pathological mobility of the articulations);
  • prolonged sitting or standing created the excessive static loading on the backbone;
  • inferiority of the articulations’ cartilaginous tissue mostly tied together with some hereditary, aged, ecological and other reasons;
  • damage of the cartilage’s nourishment in a result of the arterial blood circulation worsening or venous stagnation (varicose sickness);
  • other inherited, endocrinous, changed, neurological and professional illnesses generally influenced on the chondral tissue.  

Anti-arthritis preparations classification

The medical cure of arthritis and arthrosis includes medicamental therapy, unmedical methods of the treatment, orthopedic treating and rehabilitation. Besides actually inflammation the activation of the immune system is chiefly accompanied by many other pathological processes so the medicamental treatment is the most impotent, effective and deepest process than others. The medicamentous immunosuppression presents itself a base of these sicknesses’ cure. The immunosuppressive agent in this case can be mostly presented in view of basic anti-inflammatory medications, different biological preparations and glucocorticosteroids. On the second level the patient must apply different nonsteroidal antiinflammatory medicaments, two. 

Arthritis application

Anti arthritis drugs are mostly prescribed by medical specialists (including traumatologists) for some medical cure of such sicknesses of articulations and also bones as

  • rheumatoid arthritis;
  • arthrosis;
  • osteoarthrosis (including this sickness of the intervertebral articulations);
  • generalized arthrosis;
  • spondylarthritis;
  • deformed arthrosis;
  • spondylarthritis;
  • arthritis;
  • spondylarthrosis;
  • rheumatism (sometimes as additional remedies to the main therapy by other medicamental agents);
  • osteoarthritis;
  • rheumatoid polyarthritis (Bouillaud's disease);
  • ankylosing spondylitis
  • infected specific arthritis (gonorrheal, tuberculous, dysenteric, viral and others);
  • rheumatic endocarditis;
  • infectious-allergic polyarthritis;
  • intermittent dropsy of joint;
  • podagra;
  • psoriatic polyarthritis;
  • many others.

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