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Birth control method choosing is an important goal which is better decided together with your attending medical doctor. The main characteristics include effectiveness of birth control no prescription (how is high the risk to become pregnant in spite of undertaken actions) and convenience of the applied method in dependence of woman’s age. Also it is followed to think about different nonoperating results of the chosen ay and difficulty of repudiation from this method if the female individual will want to become pregnant. In the whole you need to consult with a medical specialist, choose the necessary contraceptive preparation (taking into account your age) and then buy birth control online with helping of our medicamental (informational) portal.

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Alesse pill is one of the most widely-spread combined contraceptive preparations in the modern society. These medicines are mainly taken by female individuals for some preventing measures of undesirable gestation.
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Ortho TriCyclen relates to oral contraceptive products with combined action. Preparation has an effect on the hypothalamic-pituitary system, inhibits the production of gonadotropins, resulting in suppression of ovulation.
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Yasmin covers to antifertility agents. Indications are the same as other oral contraceptives - the prevention of unwanted pregnancies. The composition of birth control contains hormones similar to women - estrogen and progesterone.
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Yaz belongs to birth control class. Indications are is contraception, treatment of moderate forms of acne in women, severe premenstrual syndrome. Preparation also has a positive effect on hormone-dependent fluid retention.
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The most suitable contraceptive agents for teens from 16 till 19 years are different hormonal medications and young female persons can buy birth control pills online without any problems. But applying of these medicines is considered reasonable if the woman has regular sexual life, growth not less than 160sm, absence of the obesity and serious sicknesses (especially heart and vessels) and the occurrence of the first menstruation began not less than two years ago. The most broadly-spread employing birth control medicants among the teenagers are single-phase and three-phased pills which mainly provide the least interference in the natural flowing if the processes happened in female organisms and keep the stability of the menstrual cycle. The women from 19 till 35 can get birth control online of all types (all methods of contraception). But the most optimal ones are intrauterine remedies. The hormonal therapy is also the most effective and acceptable methods of preservation from objectionable gestation. Besides different birth control pills online also play the important role in the prevention of such sicknesses as several disturbances of the menstrual cycle, barrenness, endometriosis and so on. The female individuals from 35 till 45 years are usually used different intrauterine agents but they are sometimes contra indicated owing to the presence by women some sicknesses of the uterine neck and womb’s body (such as erosion, myoma and so on). From the smoking, overweight and different endocrinological illnesses it can be complicated some choosing of the hormonal medications. But the medical specialists recommend for female patients from this aged category to apply the combined contraceptive medicaments of the last generation (under the absence of the main contraindications) and third0phase medicants. By the female persons over 45 years it is chiefly begun the climacterium and function of the ovaries is progressively brought down. In spite of that in this period of woman’s life the possibility to become pregnant is considerably diminished, the gestation is not rare thing because it is generally kept the ovulation by the female individuals even in this age. The contraception is necessary in this period of female sexual life so the women can order birth control pills online without any prescriptions from their gynecologists.

Contraceptive preparations classification

The most widely-spread birth control prescription online are contraceptive hormonal medications. They are generally divided into one-, second- and third-phase medicaments. Single-phase (or monophase) hormonal drugs were the first ones in the history of the hormonal therapy. They are called one-phase because during the biggest part of the cycle (twenty-one days) the constant quantity of estrogens and gestagens enter into the female organism. These tablets have one color. Two-phase preparations consist of estrogens and gestagens. The pills usually have two colors and they must be applied in rotation. So the hormones are mostly entered into the patient’s organism step by step. Third-phase hormonal drugs also have two hormones and three-colored tablets in one pack. The containing of the hormones is different and it is chiefly allowed more successfully to imitate the physiological exchanges in the woman’s organism. We present all necessary information for buying birth control medicines online in the best US chemist’s shops.   

Birth control application

Birth control preparations online has the broad spectrum of their applying. These drugs are chiefly used under the presence (sometimes for the medical cure) of such negative states as

  • main female contraception;
  • different disturbances of the menstrual cycle;
  • vaginal bleedings;
  • barrenness;
  • painful menstruations;
  • many others.

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