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Cholesterol is mainly a fatty-similar substance on which base it is generally formed different atherosclerotic plaques that are guilty in the development of the atherosclerosis sickness – the most dangerous illness if the person’s arteries. Cholesterin matter chiefly belongs to the class of lipids and probably only 20% of these matters the man gets from the food products particularly with animal fats, meat, some view of proteins and other products. Other 80% of this substance is mainly produced in the liver of person. So it is important to support this matter’s level in norm and use cholesterol drugs in time. It is also a very important building element for the cells of our organism. This matter chiefly takes part in the metabolism on the cellular level contained into the structure of different cellular membranes. It is also important for production of the most significant genital hormones such as testosterone, estrogens and hydrocortisone. In clear view the matter cholesterol is presented in the organism in small quantities. Mainly it presents in the structure of some special connections so-called lipoproteids. These combinations can be chiefly such with low density (mainly called “bad” cholesterin or low-density lipoproteins) as with high density (“good” cholesterol or high-density lipoproteins).

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It is followed to know that cholesterin is very important component for the normal functioning of all systems and organs of the person’s organism. All mostly depend on this substance’s level in blood and from its norm. In medicine it is accepted to differ the cholesterol such by male as female individuals on bad and good ones. The first one generally settles inside the arteries’ walls formed different plaque. This substance has a low density or degree chiefly connected with apoproteins and formed the fatty-proteins complexes (LDL). In such case the patients apply cholesterol meds for improving this negative process. The norms of this matter are expressed by various labor methods such as in millimole/l. The healthy man has the size of cholesterin LDL not less than 4 millimole/l. The heightening of this index is generally considered as pathology which is followed to correct by different diets or officinal remedies’ application. The reasons of this matter level’s heightening can be various such as diabetes mellitus, obesity, sedentary lifestyle and so on. Under the heart’s ischemic sickness or by patients passed the myocardial infarction, stroke or suffered on stenocardia this result can be less than 2,5 millimole/l. Some people who don’t suffer on cardiac diseases but had more than two factors of risk must support the level of this cholesterol not lower than 3,3 millimole/l. Good cholesterin (HDL) mostly resists to the bad one. In difference from protein-fatty complex generally formed the atherosclerotic plaques, the good cholesterin chiefly implement the indispensable function in the organism. It mainly picks up the “bad” one from the inside walls of the vessels and takes away it into the person’s liver for some elimination. Atherosclerosis of the brain’s vessels (the symptoms and treatment by cholesterol medications) can be developed only under the heightening bad cholesterin but also when the level of useful substance is also lowered.  

Heart Cholesterol preparations classification

There different cholesterol med directed on the supporting of this substance’s right level in blood. Some of the medicamental agents are applied for elimination of the bad cholesterin’s over excess. Other medical preparations chiefly help in some supporting of the good cholesterol’s level in the patient’s organism. To choose the right medicaments you can only with help of your physician. Together with medicamentous therapy the doctors recommend application of different vitamins, mineral complexes and herbal supplements directed into the removal of this problem, many diets and physical exercises.

Heart Cholesterol drugs application

In spite of the cholesterol’s level in blood is one of the most substantial factors of heart’s sicknesses risks there are also some other indications which are generally taken into account by the physician when he defines which of the levels is more optimal for patient and how he can reach this index. These factors are

  • smoking;
  • high arterial pressure;
  • early appearance of cardiac illnesses by the relatives;
  • patient’s age;
  • HDL low level;
  • some others.

Some patients are needed into cholesterol medicine mainly brought down the lipids’ level in blood. But if you apply some medications lowered the cholesterin in your organism it is very important to continue the right diet and remember about physical activity

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