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General health is a main value of life. It has the highest grade level in the hierarchy of person’s needs. Health is one of the most important components of the human happiness and also one of the most directed conditions of the successful social and economical development. The realization of intellectual, morally-spiritual, physical and reproductive potential is mainly possible only in the healthy society. In other side the qualitative description of the general health is formed form the number of quantitative parameters. The main characteristics defined the condition of individual’s health can be anthropometric (height, weight, dimension of the thoracic cage, geometrical forms of organs and tissues), physical (the frequency of pulse, arterial pressure, body’s temperature), biochemical (containing of chemical elements in organism, erythrocytes, leukocytes, hormones and so on), biological (containing of the intestinal flora, presence or absence of viral and infectious illnesses) and some others.

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The modern conception of the general health allows marking out its main components – physical, psychological and behavioral ones. The physical constituent includes the level of person’s growth and some developing if the organs and systems in the organism and also the current conditions of their functioning. The base of this processing is morphological and functional transformations and reserves mostly provided the physical capacity for work and adequate adaptation of man to the outward conditions. The psychological component is a state of psychical sphere which is generally defined by the motivationally-emotional, intellectual and morally-spiritual constituents. It is generally based on some conditions of emotional-cognitive comfort chiefly provided the mental capacity for working and adequate behavior of the individual. Such condition is mostly conditioned by such biological as social need and also some possibilities of these needs’ satisfaction. The behavioral component is an outward state of the person. It is chiefly expressed in a degree of behavior’s adequacy and skills of communication. It is generally based on the vital position (active, passive, aggressive and so on) and interpersonal relationships which mostly define the adequacy of interaction with outward surroundings (biological and social) and capability to work more effectively. The modern vital conditions mainly move out the heightened demands to the health of young people. So it is very important to take care about your health from childhood.

General health preparations classification

The analysis of the existed definition of the General health’s conception allowed revealing six main reasons of the health such as

  • normal functioning of the man’s organism on all levels of its organization – cellular, histological, organ and so on. The normal flowing if the physiological and biochemical processes promote to the individual survival and reproduction;
  • dynamical equilibrium of organism, its functions and some factors of the outward environment or static equilibrium (homeostasis) of organism and surrounding. The criterion of equilibrium’s mark is some correspondence of the structures and functions of man’s organism by surrounding conditions;
  • the capability to the full-blown implementation of social functions, taking part in the social activities and socially useful working;
  • capability of the patient to adapt to the permanently changed conditions of the existence in the environment (adaptation). Health is chiefly identified with conception of adaptation because if the scheme must be kept it has to change and conform to some turnabouts happened in the surrounding area;
  • absence of sicknesses, painful conditions and more painful exchanges;
  • the fullest physical, spiritual, intellectual and social prosperity; harmonious development if the physical and spiritual forces of the person’s organism, principle of its unity, self-regulation and harmonious interaction of its all organs.

General health drugs application

The medications from the General health category are mainly used for improving of the patient’s organism or as additional medicaments in the medical cure of different sicknesses including

  • inflammatory illnesses (pneumonia, endocarditis, bronchitis, cystitis, pyelonephritis, urethritis, angina, sepsis, bronchopneumonia, cervicitis, meningitis and others);
  • ENT-organs diseases (rhinitis, cough, conjunctivitis, nasal catarrh, and so on)
  • headache and migraines;
  • hypertension and hypotonia;
  • mental illnesses (ADHD, irritation, nervousness, stressed conditions and many others);
  • depressions, anxieties, uneasiness, alarms;
  • some allergic diseases (such as nettle rush, skin itching, eruption and edemas, anaphylactic shock, angioneurotic edema);
  • many others.

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