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Headache is chiefly one of the most frequent complaints on the appointment by the therapeutist or neuropathologist. In the same time the headache is generally considered not something serious. Under the episodical pain the majority of people prefer to apply medication for migraines (such as analgetic) and light headaches and they think that problem is mostly determined. Many patients prefer to appeal to the medical specialist in cases under the strongest no-go pain for a long time or under the attacks’ elevation. The reasons of headaches are big number such as arterial pressure’s exchanges, different inflammations, traumas and some neoplasms of the patient’s brain; neuralgias, vegetative dysfunction, sun and termal shock, many intoxications and different others. Under various illnesses as migraine the intensive headache is a main manifestation of the sicknesses so it is followed to apply migraine pain medication in time. There aren’t any equal ones to the headache by its variety. It can generally be prolonged and nagging or sharp and unbearable. The pain can envelop person’s all head or it can be perceptible only in the temples.

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Nagging double-sided head pain often accompanies the arterial hypotonia. Usually such headache is chiefly appeared after patient’s sleeping in the morning times and it is perceived in the temporal areas. This pain can pass under the physical exercises, some using of the drinks contained the caffeine (tea or coffee) or chocolate applying. Also the person can take the daily migraine medication only after eating. In spite of the diffused opinion the hypertension seldom calls the headache if the pressure is heightened constantly. But if the pressure is heightened sharply the majority of people feel the headaches and noising in their ears in combination with some blinking of dots in front of their eyes, the sense of compression in the hind head,, knocking in the temples and dizziness. Exactly such condition can be a reason of hypertonic crisis beginning so it is followed to treat to this state seriously and apply different medicaments including some headache drugs, because this crisis can bring to several negative complications such as stroke or cardiac infarction. It is widely-spread so-called psychogenic headache. Under this name it is generally united the head pain from tension of psychical or physical character and also ache under the anxious conditions and depressions. Under these states you need to use the migraine medication with powerful activity. The diagnostics and treatment of headaches are mainly individually for everyone patients and it is frequently needed the involvement of various specialists by the medical psychology and psychoneurology. Enough often the reasons of some pains in the person’s head are situated for ranges of skull’s cavity. For example, the reasons of the powerful headaches can be such illnesses as cervical osteochondrosis, spondylarthritis, radiculitis and other diseases of this section of the backbone which are usually accompanied by the headaches and migraines.

Headache preparations classification

The medical agents used under the headaches are generally divided into several categories such as analgetics, chronic migraine medication, some hypotensive and hypertensive meds, different medicaments improving the patient’s general state, anti-migrainous medicines and so on. The majority of these drugs are sold in the best US online-pharmacies without any prescriptions. Sometimes under different nervous disturbances the patients apply different antidepressants and anti-anxious medications.   

Headache drugs application

The preparations presented in this category are generally used for the medical cure of headache’s all types including such light as powerful pains and migraines. The symptoms of the headaches tension are

  • constant not pulsed head pains;
  • sense if tension and pressure if the area of head and neck;
  • some sensation of discomfort which isn’t reinforced or only slightly enlarged during the doing of everyday work;
  • several others.

Some skills of relaxation with help of meditation, hypnosis, musical and video maintainability and also the technologies of the stress’s direction can help in preventing if the headaches’ appearance. Also it is necessary to employ the common migraine medications according to the physician’s recommendations. The symptoms of cluster headache are invariable acute pain in area of eye frequently repeated in the same daytime, eyes redness, lacrimation, some stuffiness in nose, eyelid edema and so on. If you have cluster headache it isn’t recommended to take a reclining position. It can worsen the condition in the bad side.

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