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Heartburn is mainly a sensation of discomfort or the sense of fever, burning behind the breastbone mainly diffused upwards from the epigastric area down the esophagus. This negative state’s appearance is chiefly happened periodically mainly over an hour after the person’s eating especially if the food was abundant and acute. More sparsely it is appeared during the physical loading, under the body’s inclination or in the horizontal location. Usually to cut off the heartburn it is enough to apply heartburn relief medicine, drink some water or use the antacids (several substances mostly neutralized some action of the acid). But attacks of this negative condition can be repeated enough frequently and destroy the normal style of patient’s life. Heartburn disquieted the person more than three times a week considerably worsens the quality of his life. Although it is generally observed some dependence between the periods of heartburn appearance, duration of the esophageal clearance and some presence or absence of the esophagus’s mucous cover damages it does not always happen enough discrete. Some sick persons suffered by expressed esophagitis (the inflammation of the esophagus’s mucous cover) don’t complain of heartburn. It also can accompany the gastritis with heightened acidity, ulcerous sickness of stomach and duodenum, cholecystitis, toxicosis of the pregnant women, diaphragmatic hernia, insufficiency if some food matters and many others. So it is chiefly necessary to employ heartburn medicine in time.   

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The reasons of the heartburn can be different. The most broadly-spread motive is heightened acidity of the patient’s stomach. Other reasons are met rarely such as special apprehensibility of the mucous membrane of the stomach and esophagus under the lowering acidity and so on. Usually heartburn is chiefly accompanied by different sicknesses of the stomach but it can also appear and under various nervous-psychical upsets after meal application. So it is necessary to employ medicine for heartburn to avoid this negative condition’s manifestations. Irregular nourishment and unhealthy style of life generally sharpens the appearance of heartburn and they are ones of the most diffused reasons. Smoking, alcohol, carbonated drinks, coffee and sharp condiments in big quantities mainly irritate the stomach’s mucous membrane. The heartburn is generally provoked by usage in big numbers of citrus plants, tomatoes, different pickling, fresh bread, pies and fried meal. Overeating brings to the stomach’s extension and provokes the powerful discharge of acid. Applying of such medical preparations as aspirin, ibuprofen, Ortofen, different pain-relieving drugs, antibiotics and antidepressants, anti-inflammatories and anti-viral medications chiefly provokes some strengthening of acidity-products in stomach and regurgitation of sour content into the patient’s esophagus. Wearing of tight belts, raising of the loads, gestation, overweight and some other are capable to heighten the intraperitoneal pressure that can mainly bring to the heartburn’s appearance. The slumber after eating can be also a reason of this negative condition. Various stresses, neurosis especially these ones accompanied by the anxieties and uneasiness are also ones of the reasons.

Heartburn preparations classification

The heartburn medicine list consists of the main medical agents divided into antacids (some medications from the heartburn mostly brought down the patient’s acidity), different anti-secretory remedies from this negative state, many stimulators of the gastrointestinal tract’s motor function and so on.

Heartburn drugs application

The regular heartburn after eating isn’t followed to examine as separate problem. This disagreeable symptom mainly indicates on different illnesses of the gastrointestinal tract. So without prescription heartburn medicine is chiefly prescribed as additional medicant in the cure of

  • lcerous sickness of stomach and duodenum;
  • rupture of the diaphragm’s alimentary aperture;
  • chronic gastritis with hypersecretion;
  • duodenitis (duodenal ulcer) or inflammation of the duodenum;
  • inflammation of the gallbladder (or cholecystitis);
  • obesity – superfluous fat in the abdominal cavity creates the considerable pressure inward of the stomach;
  • gastro-esophageal-reflux illness;
  • some consequence of removal the gallbladder, part of duodenum or stomach under the surgical treatment of ulcerous sickness or stomach’s oncological illnesses;
  • gestation;
  • obesity;
  • many others.

Regular heartburn after eating is a serious occasion for consultations in the gastroenterologist. Self-medication in this case can bring to the heaviest consequences.

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