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Men’s health as a rule is generally defined exactly by the reproductive function which now is enduring some exchanges further not in the best side. Today the modern andrology mainly singles out the main goals for some struggle with man’s ailments of the male urinary system such as prevention, modern diagnostics and the medical cure of appeared sicknesses. Many medical preparations are presented in the men's health category in online pharmacy without any prescriptions. At the predominated majority exactly many infections are chiefly the main reasons of the urinary apparatus’s lesions appearance.

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There are many negative conditions and situations which generally influence on the man’s heath and male life’s duration. They are tobacco smoking, exceeding usage of the alcohol drinks, constant stresses and different stressed conditions, lowering level of ecology, irregular eating, sexual promiscuity and various others. It is also followed to take into account that some representatives of the strong sex as a rule don’t pass the regular medical examinations which are capable to expose the male “problems” on the earliest stages of their development. Today the main scourge of the health by male individuals is prostatitis, “inefficiency” in the sexual life or erectile dysfunction, barrenness and also different sicknesses (including infected and venereal ones) mostly passes to each other mainly by the sexual way. Usually only the acutest degree of the disease and also persistent sexual partner can “drive” the man into the accepting to the physician-andrologist. Many illnesses mainly appear as a result of their emergence which are generally divided in such views as nonspecific infections (including intestinal bacillus, different viruses, mycoplasmas, streptococci, staphylococci and many others) and specific contagions (including trichomonad, gonococcus, urethritis, mycobacterium of tuberculosis and so on). These infections as a rule are entered into the person’s organism in period of sexual act. Sometimes it is chiefly met the hematogenous way of transmission that is under the blood movement, for example, they enter from the places which are the chronic concentrations of the contagions (such as paranasal sinuses, tonsils and others). There are some other reasons such as defects and possible anomalies of the genital place’s development by the male person.         

Men's health preparations classification

The reasons of male genital system’s oncological illnesses appearance can be often appeared the disbalance of circulated hormones which generally render some influencing on the genital organs. Such imbalance mainly appears as a result of organism’s aging. The factors if the prostate gland’s cancer appearance are genetic predisposition, age, exceeding application of the fats with animal origin, and so on. Not normal condition of the testicle directly influences on the development of the prostate adenoma. It is chiefly an innocent neoplasm appeared by the male individuals in different ages. Different medications from the men’s health category can be divided into several subgroups. The first ones are the medical agents mainly applied for the treating of male erectile dysfunction mostly manifested some inability to support a penis’s erection which is generally needed in carrying out the successful sexual intercourse. Other drugs are mainly taken for the medical cure of different sicknesses in the urinary tract and genital system including some problems with male urination, prostate adenoma, barrenness, prostatitis and so on. Different medications can be generally employed for improving of the man’s sexual life and prolonging the sexual act. Some of presented medicamental products can be chiefly applied for prevention of different genital and venereal sicknesses’ appearance. Several other medicants are used as additional components to the main therapy of oncological illnesses, venereal diseases and other problems with male urinary tract and sexual system. 

Men's health drugs application

The men's health pharmacy chiefly presents different medicamental preparations mostly applied for the male health’s improving or the treatment of such sicknesses and negative conditions as

  • prostatitis;
  • male barrenness;
  • erectile dysfunction;
  • prostate adenoma;
  • some oncological sicknesses (only in combined therapy as additional remedies for improving of some genital organs’ working)
  • different venereal diseases (such as gonorrhea, syphilis and others) together with other medicaments (especially antibiotics or various anti-bacterial agents) for supporting of the genital system and urinary tract’s right working;
  • many others.

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