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Sexual health is a necessary component in everyday life of every adult. Under the man’s sexual health is generally meant not simply any sicknesses’ absence but a condition of somatic, emotional, intellectual and social prosperity in relation to the sexuality. This condition chiefly supposes some positive and respectful relationship to the sexuality and sexual relations, the possibility to conduct your sexual life safety which mostly brings some satisfaction, absence of the compulsion, discrimination and coercion. The achievement and supporting of the sexual health on deserving level is mainly tied together with some realization of sexual privileges intrinsic to the people. But besides the sexual rights’ disturbances there can be appeared different problems, upsets and damages of the person’s sexual health.

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The main reasons of the sexual inclination’s bringing down are very manifold including

  • some consequences of the chronic stresses, anxieties or depressions;
  • different medicamental preparations mostly influenced on the patient’s central nervous system;
  • prolonged absence if the sexual contacts;
  • the period after the hardest illnesses or such surgical operations as removal of the large bowel and prostate gland;
  • different others.

Loss of sexual inclination can be also an expression of hostility or a reason of the disintegrated connection in the family. So it is followed to consult with a medical specialist in time and use sexual health pills according to the physicians’ recommendations.

Sexual health preparations classification

The sexual disorders can be such primary damages as secondary ones. The primary disturbances generally exist by some people the whole life who never have any full-grown sexual contacts. It can be chiefly under the inherent genetically conditioned disturbances if the endocrinous system. The secondary upsets (their overwhelming quantity) mainly appear after the period of normal sexual life. They can be presented in view of different sicknesses, nervous disturbances, surgical operations, upsets of the central nervous system, presence of infections in the organism and various others.

Sexual health drugs application

There are different frequently meeting reasonable factors of the insufficient erection (by the male persons) and some problems with sexual life and various genital sicknesses’ development (by the female individuals) such as

  • diabetes mellitus – unfavorably influences in the conditions of penis’s nervous ending; it destroys the normal functioning such of male as female genital system that can mainly bring to some disturbances of the smooth musculature’s damage which is one of the erection’s mechanisms;
  • different sicknesses of the cardiovascular system (including hypertension, stenocardia, cardiac infarction, hypotonia, tachycardia, stroke, arrhythmia and others) – many vessels in the genital system generally suffer from these diseases; it is chiefly destroyed the vascular supply of cavernous bodies and it is step by step developed their sclerosis and appeared steadfast impotency and female bleedings’ developing;
  • smoking – nicotine contained in the tobacco smoke calls the steady widening of the vessels which generally supply by blood the genital system of person;
  • chronic prostatitis – one of impotency’s main reasons; it is mostly damaged some discharges of the secret of the prostate gland and also the whole row of the hormonal substances taken part in the sexual act’s regulation;
  • some disturbances of the liver’s functions (especially the chronic hepatitis);
  • alcohol – the main reason if the erection quality’s disturbance; it is a liver’s defeat and as consequence it is some damages of the male sexual hormones’ exchange form which the normal sexual function depends;
  • under these negative conditions it is chiefly turned off the central mechanisms of the sexual function’s regulation including and erection;
  • some traumas of the cerebral and spinal marrow, some injuries of the intervertebral discs, alcohol abuse, different operations on the small pelvis’s organs and others – influence more damaging on the peripheral nerves responsible for the sexual function of every person;
  • different narcotic drugs – break the main function of patient’s sexual life;
  • many medicinal preparations – some disturbances of erection and sexual inclination’s disappearance mainly originate, as collateral results after these meds’ application;
  • various venereal sicknesses – gonorrhea, syphilis, trichomoniasis and clamidiosis of genital organs;
  • Perony’s illness;
  • many others.  

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