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Insomnia is chiefly a negative condition of the organism which is generally met practically by all people in the whole world. On its own account the agrypnia is only a syndrome not illnesses but its reason. Said about the insomnia’s treatment and applying different sleep medications we mean chiefly the removal of its motives. The usual reasons of the wakefulness in the person’s everyday life can be such organism’s negative states as chronic lack of sleeping, working with variable diagram, some stresses and also different stressed situations during the whole day, some exchanges of the time zones and so on. So many people are mainly rescued from insomnia with help of sleeping pills no prescription. For example, in physicians’ judgment five-time slumber is a necessary minimum. If you sleep less than this time during three nights in succession you gent such disturbances of the night slumber as after one wakeful night. But there are some other reasons of the sleeping damages mostly tied together with different diseases as neurosis, depression, some disturbances of the patient’s metabolism, the strongest pains and so on. Insomnia is a frequent concomitant of the elderly persons. But often it can be mostly grown into more serious problems and even a sickness. So it is followed to use best sleeping pills in time.

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During the insomnia flowing it is generally distinguished three phases. In any of these stages you can take the best otc sleeping pills without any consequences. The first phase is some difficulties of the slumber’s beginning (so-called presomnical disorders) or various problems with falling asleep. Step by step by the man it is formed the whole obsessive rituals of “departure to sleeping”. It can be also appeared “the fear of bed” or some fright of the “slumber beginning”. In these cases it is necessary to apply different otc sleeping pills for your slumber’s improving. The disorders of the second stage (intrasomnical) are the frequent night awakenings from the sounds or from the heaviest slumber, nightmare, some sensations of pains, disturbances of the person’s breathing, sharp movements after which the patient cannot fall asleep for along time. The best medication for insomnia may mainly help to fight with night fears and some problems with falling asleep. On the third phase (postsomnical) it is mostly appeared the problem of the heaviest morning waking up, bringing down capacity for working, some sensations of the worndown organism, drowsiness and so on. Such situation has a name of slumber’s distorted perception (or sleeping agnosia). The best withdrawal from this situation is employing sleeping pills immediately.

Sleeping Aids preparations classification

The medicamentous sleep medicine which is a hypnotic aid by its essence is generally applied with special prudence and these medical agents are chiefly recommended for their usage according to the consultations of the professional physicians. The main property of these medical preparations is presence of the habit over some weeks or months of their application. The stopping of these medicants’ taking is generally accompanied by the syndrome of abolition. The best sleep aid can be employed according to the rules, desirably by the short-term courses and in minimal dosing so the lowering of the apprehensibility will be the less possible. Among the most popular and broadly-distributed preparations for insomnia’s treating are calming phytomedications generally proved their effectiveness. But their applying is necessary to conduct together with competent hygiene of sleeping but in other case their effect will be minimal one. There is also a group of different otc sleep aids without vegetable origin including Z-hypnotics. Mostly oppressed the cerebral centers they not so much provide the qualified slumber as in period of activity they make conditional some suppressing of the consciousness. But mane qualified medical specialists recommend firstly removing the reasons of insomnia which can be called by different chronic and acute sicknesses.

Sleeping aids drugs application

Various sleeping meds are mainly used only as additional drugs for insomnia’s treatment (if the sickness is chiefly accompanied by this negative state) under

  • depression (and many other depressing conditions);
  • neurosis;
  • psychotic upsets;
  • schizophrenia;
  • several mental disarrays;
  • anxiety;
  • irritation and stressed conditions;
  • uneasiness;
  • the strongest pains (including different oncological illnesses, osteochondrosis, arthritis and arthrosis, sport traumas, ulcerous illness of stomach, viral and infectious diseases, inflammatory processes and many others);
  • nervous tension;
  • different others.

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