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Smoking is one of the main problems in the modern society. There are many methodologies and medical cure with applying of quit smoking medications to struggle with this bad habit. Tobacco smoking is chiefly considered a typical risky factor – it generally brings the short-term relaxation but in prolonged influencing it chiefly injures the person’s heart, the system of blood circulation mainly called the cardiac infarction and atherosclerosis. The tobacco smoking in many times enlarges the risk of the different oncological sicknesses particularly the cancer of larynx and lungs. It also can call the ulcer of duodenum and chronic bronchitis. From all systems of our organism from the smoking it is firstly suffered the nervous system. It mainly manages by all processes generally happened in our organism. The patient’s nervous system also answers for connection of organism with inward and outward surroundings. In the first instance exactly this system suffers from some intoxication by the tobacco poisons. One of the main reasons by the nicotine poisoning of the nervous system is dizziness. Usually this negative state is chiefly accompanied by some attacks but sometimes and sequence of fits with the biggest intensity. In the beginning it is appeared the sense of emptiness. The person cannot concentrate. It is also appeared the sensation of fainting fit. It is seemed that all things are chiefly moved and if the man shuts up his eyes it is mainly appeared the sense of own body’s whirling. Vessels narrowing of the brain call the dizziness and it is often happened under the smoking. It is also developed many symptoms which are character for neurotic condition by the experienced smokers such as quick fatigability, irritation, memory weakening, nervousness, headaches and so on. So it si followed to take quit smoking medicine in time.

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The nicotine influencing is generally rendered on the glands of inside secretion particularly on the suprarenal capsules which (under this process) mainly single out into person’s blood a hormone – adrenalin chiefly called the spasm of vessels, some heightening of the arterial pressure and elevation of the heart’s shortening. Destructively influencing on the genital

Glands the nicotine mostly promotes the sexual weakness (impotency) by the male individuals. The medical cure of this problem by the men is chiefly started from the applying of the stop smoking drugs. Particularly powerful harm mainly renders a smoking on the children and also teenagers because their nervous and blood systems aren’t got firmly established and they painfully react on the tobacco. The negative influencing besides the nicotine is generally shown some other compound parts of the tobacco smoke – under the entrance of some carbon monoxide into the organism it is generally developed the oxygen starvation at the expense of that carbon monoxide is lightly connected with hemoglobin than oxygen and it is chiefly delivered with blood to all tissues and organs of the person. Frequently the process of smoking directs to the development of the chronic bronchitis accompanied by the invariable cough and disagreeable smelling from the person’s mouth. During the processing of chronic inflammation the bronchi are broadened and in this case it is chiefly formed the bronchiectasis with the heaviest consequences such as pulmonary fibrosis, lungs’ emphysema with so-called pulmonary heart mainly directed to some insufficiency of blood circulation. Also smoking plays an important role in the appearance of the tuberculosis sickness with different negative consequences.

Stop smoking preparations classification

There are some methods to prevent the smoking such as

  • Psychotherapy (including eliminating the stereotype, regulating, sedating and stimulating ones);
  • Substitutive therapy (including reflexotherapy, autosuggestive training and different medicaments)
  • Aversion treatment (including reflexes treating and medical agents applying);
  • Additional therapy (including vitamins taking, nourishment and reflex treatment).

Many medicamental preparations for stop smoking online are mainly presented in form of pills, gym or nicotine plaster. They have their own activity so it is necessary to consult with a medical specialist before you begin you treating by these drugs.

Stop smoking drugs application

The stop smoking medicine is very effective one for painless deliverance from this bad habit. The presented medication in the category can be generally employed for

  • quick stopping of the patient’s smoking;
  • prolonging stopping of the person’s smoking (if the patient has some contraindications for other medicaments’ applying);
  • some other indications tied together with individual’s smoking.

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