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Women's health is mostly difficulty for keeping under the powerful negative influencing of the modern ecology and style of life. The female organism incessantly experiences the colossal physical and psycho-emotional overloading. The chronic stresses, irrational food application, lack of movements, some chemistry in the air, water or meal. The medical cure by chemical preprations and many problems with genital (sexual) realization chiefly multiplied on the economical and social confusions – these all are every day brought up on the fragile shoulders of the female individual and destroy her health. Nowadays there are different medicaments for improving of the women's health online which are generally sold in the best pharmacies all over the United States.

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Clomid relates to anti-estrogen agent medications. Usage of the remedy is indicated for the stimulation of ovulation in infertility on the background of secondary ovarian hypofunction due mainly disorders of the hypothalamic-pituitary system.
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Diflucan covers to antifungal medications. Medical means is applied to treat various forms of candidiasis, mycoses, onychomycosis, cryptococcosis, used as a preventive measure against fungal diseases after chemotherapy.
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Estradiol Valerate as estrogen is intended for the treatment of patients with symptoms of estrogen deficiency and complications of menopause. In the body product is rapidly converted to estradiol, identical to the estrogen hormone.
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Healthy nourishment is one of the main components in the female everyday life. It isn’t entirely a diet but it is some eating mostly balanced by the structure of proteins, fatties and carbohydrates, manifold and regular one. You need to apply less animal’s fatties, sugar and salt but more vegetables, fruits, cereals, fish and seafood. Some oil is instead of the butter; natural yoghurt and curds is in a place of cheese and desert. Cultured milk foods are really very useful without any artificial supplements. The vitamins and microelements mostly come with some meal are not enough for modern female person. Too unfavorable ecological surrounding conditions and too serious loads on the organism can destroy the woman’s health. Time to time it is chiefly necessary to apply the courses of different vitamins, mineral complexes, microelements, living cultures of the bacteria, vegetable compositions and so on. Also it is very useful for every female individual everyday applying of clear water and natural juices. For right metabolism it is chiefly important to conduct the fullest cleaning of the organism even twice a year. It can generally be a medicamental cleansing (only under the physician’s observation), hydrocolonotherapy (the apparatus cleaning of the woman’s bowel by the clear water), fasting, the course if the mineral water’s application, some cleaning by different sorbents (such as activated carbon and others), grass teas and so on. Visiting of the sauna and bathes, usage of the cellular tissue, some drinking of the fruit and vegetable freshes generally help in regular taking away of various toxins and slags from the organism. 

Women's health preparations classification

Many medicaments from the women’s health category possess by the hormonal base. Hormones are the biologically active substances mostly produced by some glands of the inside secretion. Passed into man’s blood they chiefly regulate practically all views of the exchange and functions of different organs and tissues. To the glands of the inward secretion are mainly related thyroid, parathyroid and pancreatic glands, suprarenal bodies, hypophysis and genital glands. The disturbances of their functions such inside of diminishing of the hormone’s manufacture as its enlarging chiefly brings to the development of different illnesses chiefly needed the therapy by hormones, many hormonal medications or anti-hormonal remedies. The hormones are mainly classified by the secretory their glands or chemical structure. The last ones are divided in three groups: derivatives if amino acids (hormones of the thyroid gland), hormones of the proteinaceous and polypeptide nature (hypophysis, pancreas and parathyroid gland) and hormones with steroidal structure (such as glucocorticoids, mineral-corticoids and different genital hormones).

Women's health drugs application

The medical agents from this category are mostly used for cure of such female sicknesses as

  • anovulatory metrorrhagia;
  • premenstrual syndrome;
  • infertility;
  • dysmenorrhea (generally accompanied by the secretory phase’s shortening);
  • miscarriage;
  • tuberculosis;
  • endometriosis;
  • gynecomastia;
  • amenorrhea;
  • fibroids;
  • adenomyosis;
  • mammalgia;
  • glandular-cystic endometrial hyperplasia;
  • progesterone diagnostic test;
  • menopause;
  • endometrial cancer;
  • galactorrhea;
  • androgen deficiency;
  • dysfunctional uterine bleeding;
  • Chiari-Frommel’s syndrome;
  • oligospermia;
  • polycystic ovarian syndrome;
  • many others.

Some of the presented drugs are generally taken in view of the female contraception, for different preventive measures of post menopause and lactation, improving of the menstruation, medical cure of various oncological illnesses and so on. Also some of presented medications are chiefly prescribed for general improving of the hormonal background, increasing of the hormones’ number in the organism and treatment of the barrenness.

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